Maximizing Customer Satisfaction

In order to maximize customer satisfaction:

  • We only work with packaged large consumer durables for the home such as furniture, mattresses, fitness equipment
  • We never use forklifts. Only non-motorized tools are used to move product on or off trucks and delivery units for better handling
  • We reduce overall handling through efficiencies in our network before delivery to the consumer
  • We only work with specialized carriers, asset owned personnel and we have implemented best practices and standardized procedures for all

Resolving Customer Issues

Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction at the point of delivery

  • Systematic process performed by Alero Worldwide drivers in the event an issue arises upon delivery
  • Onsite communication with an Alero Worldwide Customer Care representative to minimize returns, address damage and any customer service issues
  • Opportunity for Aleroworldwide to confrence call you in to address customer issues and arrange a solution
  • We work to resolve customer issues immediately