About us

In today’s increasingly competitive E-Commerce and moving industries, the winners will be those that do not accept the status quo and attempt to improve themselves, their companies and ultimately the services they supply to their final customers. Although the idea of quality is discussed in concept, not many companies have the discipline to commit to the hard work required to deliver quality services. Quality is not just a catch phrase, rather, it is a part of our culture. Here at Alero Worldwide, we are committed without compromise and we stand above the rest, delivering on all fronts when it comes to quality relocation and distribution services.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To become the Best Ecommerce Fulfilment Company worldwide

Our Mission

Lead our industry by delivering Quality Services to every customer, without exception

Our Values

Quality, Understanding, Education, Standardization and Training, at a profit

Our History

Alero Worldwide began in Winnipeg, with the founding of Two Amigos & Company by our president Larry Calen, in 1991 as a one man, one truck operation. Larry would sell furniture during the day for a local retailer and then complete the deliveries himself after work. In 1992, at the request of our biggest client, the Brick Furniture, Larry purchased additional trucks and assumed a regular delivery contract in and around Winnipeg. From 1992 to 1994, Two Amigos & Co. continued to grow the local delivery business with our anchor client, the Brick, by focusing their full attention on providing quality, timely delivery services at very competitive prices.

In 1994, Larry began to formulate plans to branch out to the rapidly growing Calgary market. In 1995, with a truck and a delivery contract to establish Two Amigos & Co. in Calgary, Alberta. Over the next three years, Calgary would expand the operation to include six straight trucks, matching the growth Larry was experiencing in Winnipeg.

In 1998, the Calgary operation over to the present General Manager and Winnipeg focused it’s attention on growing the long distance household business. Again, starting with one long distance trailer, the long distance business quickly grew to include coast to coast service.

In 2000, Two Amigos & Co. was certified to ship U.S. Military goods back and forth across the border making us the largest independent cross border mover in Canada.

Who is Alero Worldwide?

Alero Worldwide has been performing home deliveries since 1991 and has become a high volume and one of the fastest growing Canadian delivery companies with nationwide service covering 93% of the population under tariff rates. We provide you with flexible delivery options including curbside, threshold, room of choice and assembly.  Alero also offers a reverse logistics process which assists customers and vendors with proper packing for damage free returns.


Value Added and Customized service offerings

  • Air-ride transportation
  • Multiple transit solutions
  • Warehouse and inventory control
  • Scheduled deliveries with flexible offerings
  • Furniture repair options Nationwide


Industry Leading Technology

  • Web portal for customers for exclusive tracking of their orders
  • Online order entry
  • Ability to track and trace orders in real time

Environmental Issues


We Are Your Environmentally Friendly mover!

At Alero Worldwide, we are very proud that our fleets are comprised of late model, low emission trucks. Specifically, our Kenworth units have higher standards for emissions control than currently legislated. Unlike other moving companies which are still running old model trucks that release excessive emissions, we have invested in new, more fuel efficient and emission friendly vehicles.

In addition, we have GPS tracking and other fleet management tools which allow us to better manage our fleet and control fuel consumption. At Alero Worldwide, we are not only trying to use less fuel, but we are also trying to burn the fuel we must more cleanly in order to reduce our emissions and do our part to look after our customers and the environment. At Alero Worldwide, we believe it is important to think globally but act locally as every little bit helps.


At Alero Worldwide, we are committed to the spirit of continuous quality improvement via our QUEST initiative. Our QUEST initiative, quite literally, stands for everything we value;


  • Quality
  • Understanding
  • Education
  • Standardization and
  • Training.

Ultimately quality is about delivering consistent and reliable services to every customer, everyday. This means having people on our team with the passion and expertise to deliver quality services. As part of our QUEST initiative, Alero Worldwide has committed to the training and support of its most important asset, our people. At Alero Worldwide, delivering Quality services to every customer, without exception is not just talk, it is our mission!

We want to hear from you! If you have a comment or suggestion for us, please contact us.